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Mehrdad Tafreshi has created many different sculptures over the years. As all our sculptures are made to order any design can be made into any height or personal requirement. 

You can view more of our designs on our other website www.quist.co.uk


Isfahan var created for the Chelsea Flower Show 2011, its large hand blown bulbous glass bulbs (measuring 25 cm in length) springs to mind the domes and colours of that Ancient City. The glass design is available in three colours, turquoise, indigo blue and dark red.

The glass bulbs are mounted on copper stems with elongated gracile hand shaped copper leaves. It can be made into any size and with any number of glass bulbs. The original showpiece measures 270 cm in height and comprising 55 glass bulbs. This is not a water fountain.

Samander - Red

Samander  created and launched at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2011 consists of gracile elongated hand blown glass bulbs (each measuring 90 cm) mounted on copper stems with hand cut and shaped copper leaves. This can be made with any number of stems. The Samander pictured measures 125 cm and comprises 12 bulbs. Available colours orange red and blue. (click link to see fountain with three bulbs only and in blue hues) Comes supplied with pump and custom made filterbag. 


Godiva created 2011, measures 220 cm in height and has a very full copper foliage with large hand cut leaves. Water spouts out of each leaf as the water is recirculated within the sculpture and pond. This sized Godiva would require a minimum pond size of 225-230 cm in diameter and 15-20 cm depth. Comes fully supplied with pump Oase Neptun & filterbag


Trancefleur is a very charming take on sunflowers  depicted in copper and glass. Each large flower is hand made and measures about 95 cm in diameter. The sculpture comprises of three larger 'flower heads' made from hand cut and shaped copper petals and seeds made from dark blue glass. Water trickle out of each of the three huge hand cut leaves but not from the flowerheads. Pump & custom made filterbag supplied. Height 230 cm.





Brimming over with expressions of life and exuberance, Appollonia was created in honour of The Queen's Diamond Jubilee and launched at the Chelsea Flower Show 2012

Available in Turquoise, Lilac and Golden Saffron.Hand Blown Glass bulbs mounted on copper stems and copper foliage. Height 270 cm.

View smaller Appollonias on Glass Fountain Section




Tree of Wisdom

Tree of Wisdom is a very imposing tree water fountain measuring 280 cm. It would require a pond size of circa 280-300 cm in diameter in order to contain the water splashing. 



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Orange Tree Fountain, ht 300 cm.

The Joshua Tree ht 320 cm

Lemon Tree Fountain, ht 250 cm

The Bodhi Tree Fountain 350 cm x 400 cm
Yggdrasil 550 cm
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